Our story

Our mission is to support children and young people’s mental health nationally by making personalised counselling accessible, available and affordable.

We founded Stop.Breathe.Think in November 2020, in response to the mental health pandemic amongst children and young people. We knew we could offer accessible support at the level and speed that was needed.  

We know it is not always easy to ask for help – besides the wait times and costs, the barriers of going to see a professional or overcome stigma are real. With Stop.Breathe.Think young people, parents and professionals can reach out at the touch of a button.

This is why Stop.Breathe.Think – delivering online counselling nationally with no wait times – continues to be game changing and vital to those who need support right now.



Every day, we’re seeing the positive impact our service is having on children, young people and their families.

To date, we have supported:

3,500 children and young people

Delivered more than 18,000 counselling sessions

Partnered with more than 150 child and youth organisations

We’re proud to say that 92% said they had improved mental health as a result of Stop.Breathe.Think.​

We are now at the point where everything is in place to grow and expand the service, to play a significant role in the support of children and young people and their mental health.

Our vision is for every child and young person to have someone to talk to. Without barriers, without stigma and without the wait. ”

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