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Talking about how you’re feeling with a counsellor can help. Watch this short film to see how counselling with Stop.Breathe.Think. works:


If you are a young person aged 8 to 21, click on the button below to answer some questions. If you are eligible for support, you’ll be sent a link to book an appointment with our mental health assessment team. This appointment is an informal chat on Zoom to explain the service. If you are happy to start counselling, we can continue the call and get you signed up. We will ask you a few questions about how you are feeling and what brings you to us. This is so we can assign you to a counsellor who understands your needs.

Due to funding we have received, we are pleased to be able to offer free counselling (without proof of benefits required) in the below locations.  If you are living in one of these areas and eligible for counselling, please click below to complete a referral.

Appointments are made available every Monday morning for the following 2 weeks ahead. So, if you see no availability, check back on the following Monday.

If you have a question, please contact admin@stopbreathethink.org.uk.

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We also have a free text support service

If you would like to talk to someone right now or if you aren’t ready to have a chat just yet text: BREATHE to 85258 to message a trained volunteer. This is available 24/7, so just text whenever you feel like you need to get something off your chest.

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How does the counselling work and who will I be talking to?

You make an appointment with our mental health assessment team on our website. If you would like to start counselling with us, your counsellor will contact you within 5 days after the assessment call to arrange your first session. You will have 6 sessions with your counsellor. They will last 50 minutes and you will speak to the same counsellor every week. All sessions take place virtually either on the phone or via videocall.

If you are struggling in between your counselling sessions, you can access our  ‘wellbeing drop in’ sessions, which are available Monday – Thursday 9am-7pm or on Fridays 9am-5pm. These are short 30 minute calls with the on call counsellor.

If you are struggling during the night or on weekends you can text BREATHE to 85258 to message a trained volunteer. Our text service is available 24/7.

Our counsellors are all committed to and passionate about supporting children and young people, whatever you are going through.

Guides and advice

Check out our support videos. They cover stuff everyone deals with from time to time, like anger, anxiety and loneliness.

Blog post: Dealing with ‘Post-Holiday Blues’

The post-holiday blues refers to the short-term feelings that many of us experience after a holiday, including sadness, loneliness, fatigue, disappointment, sluggishness, mental distress, or even dread of the upcoming winter months. This hasn’t been studied much but research suggests it is much more common than you may have thought.

Blog post: How food can affect your mood

There's no doubt that in the present-day society, life can get pretty overwhelming. What with pressures at school, relationships with friends, and life at home, it's easy to overlook what you eat. But did you know that the food you consume has a considerable impact on both your emotional well-being and cognitive function (mental processes I.e decision-making, memory, problem-solving)?

Blog: National Schizophrenia Awareness Day 25th July 2023

With National Schizophrenia Awareness Day coming up, we've written a blog post to ask the question; What is Schizophrenia? and what do we know about the health condition to be true, or just a common myth...

Blog: 5 Top Tips for Coping with Aerophobia

So your holiday is booked, and you are really looking forward to the break – but the thought of getting on the plane is filling you with panic…

Blog: Sunlight & Mental Health

We’re used to hearing about how too much of the sun’s warm rays can be harmful to your skin. But did you know the right balance can have lots of mood-lifting benefits?

Blog: 5 Top Tips for coping with Loneliness

Feelings of loneliness can affect anyone, regardless of their age or background. Loneliness can be caused by many factors such as social isolation, a lack of close relationships, or a feeling of disconnection from a wider community.

Blog : Eating Disorder Awareness Week February 27th – March 5th 2023

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains facts and information about eating disorders. If you are struggling with, or have ever struggled with, an eating disorder, Stop.Breathe.Think can help.  

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Blog: 5 Top Tips for Coping with Depression

Sometimes you might struggle with ongoing feelings of sadness and depression that don’t seem to want to go away. Maybe you feel heavy and tired, and are struggling to see the lighter side to things.

Young woman over isolated background wearing glasses looking stressed and nervous.

Blog : 5 Top Tips for dealing with Anxiety

There’s no right or wrong way to handle feelings of worry and anxiety, but understanding what triggers it in the first place and developing and implementing some basic coping techniques can really help when those emotions rise within us.

Having someone to talk to about how awful I have been feeling really helped, especially as I felt like I didn't have anyone else I could talk to. There was no judgement and my counsellor was empathetic, which is important to me and helped me to open up.”


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