Blog: 5 Signs of Depression to watch out for

Like any mental health issue, depression can differ from person to person – we’re all unique! There are no two cases of depression or any other mental health issue that are the same.

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But these are some of the main symptoms you may be going through if you’re suffering with depression. For most people with depression these will happen most of the day, nearly every day.

1) Feeling sad, helpless, hopeless, alone and tearful. You might feel like crying and not know why.

The feelings of sadness and hopelessness can be overwhelming and interfere with your daily life.

2) Losing your motivation, finding it really hard to get yourself to do even easy everyday things. You might struggle to wash your hair or get in the shower. You may stop caring about looking after yourself. 

This can be particularly disheartening and exacerbate your low mood  because things like tidying things away, washing dishes and clothes, and even simply maintaining your own hygiene can become worse over time until it feels overwhelming.

3) Not enjoying things you would normally like doing, not looking forward to anything. 

If you find that your interest in your hobbies, favourite subjects at school or games that you play with friends is dwindling, this can be a sign of your low mood and depression.

4) Avoiding people, wanting to hide away on your own and not have to talk to anyone. 

Socialising can feel exhausting and draining instead of fulfilling, and trying to hide how you really feel from your loved ones can become an impossible task.

5) Having thoughts of hurting yourself or not wanting to live – and, for some people, acting on those thoughts. You might feel like people would be better off without you or that nobody would notice if you weren’t here.  

It is important that if you feel this way it could be that you need an outlet for your emotions and frustrations, but taking it out on your own body is not the best solution.


Depression can show itself in many different ways -the list above is an example of some of the most common symptoms. You may also…

  • Feel like you don’t want to go to school or work
  • Feel sick and not want to eat, or comfort eat – and as a result, you can lose or put on weight
  • Use drugs or alcohol more than normal, or start using them to escape your feelings
  • Not do as well at school or work as you usually do
  • Finding it difficult to sleep, or sleeping too much

The Truth:

About 280 million people in the world are currently struggling with depression.

You are not alone. Telling someone how you feel is the first step to getting better, and it might feel like a huge step, but it’s one of the most important steps to take.


If you don’t feel like you can keep yourself safe, it’s really important to get help. You can call 999, or get yourself to A&E, or call an organisation like The Samaritans on 116 123. Talking to someone really helps – it can take the scariness out of that moment.

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