London Youth Mental Health Networking Event

Our Head of Service, Jenny Somerville, recently attended a mental health networking event organized by London Youth, joining professionals from a multitude of other youth organisations to discuss the issues facing our young people and the ways we can work together to support them.

London Youth describe themselves as ‘a charity on a mission to support the capital’s youth sector to improve the lives of young people.’ They do this through the connections and work of their over 600 youth organisations, big and small, with mental health support being just one of the many aspects of young people’s experience that they work with.

They have been incredibly supportive in getting the word out about Stop.Breathe.Think and the work that we do, particularly when it comes to reaching youth organisations that work in the specific areas of London that we have funding for currently.

There were such a variety of organisations there, including organisations as diverse as the London Borough of Hownslow Swimming Club, Boxing Futures Ltd, Resources for Autism and Thrive LDN, and some really interesting and exciting new connections were made…so watch this space!

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