Our model for an effective, early help Mental Health Service

Our practitioners use recognised, evidence-based interventions and a solution-focused brief 6 session therapy model. Our service is guided by the THRIVE framework for child mental health care outlined below. Originally written to guide practice within the NHS, this model is now used nationwide, across a variety of services and organisations.

Getting Advice 

We offer advice, signposting and self-help information via text, phone and digital interventions and on our website for young people, their parents/carers and other professionals working with young people. We support the idea that ‘mental health is everyone’s business’ through our emphasis on building strong partnerships with schools and community groups and we strive to make our advice and signposting accessible to all young people with appropriate language and engaging graphics and marketing resources. 

Getting Help 

We help young people work towards meaningful goals to improve their emotional wellbeing using evidence-based interventions. Our work together may be on the phone, on a digital platform such as Zoom or via text or WhatsApp. We use a range of techniques, starting with an emphasis on shared decision making which empowers young people through active involvement in decisions about their therapeutic journey. Our therapeutic work is then focused on being needs-led and person-centred, with the young person being at the forefront of everything we do. 

Getting More Help 

We place great value on prevention and promotion of mental health and wellbeing and place ourselves at the early intervention position in the wider community network. When a young person needs more help, however, we will involve them in a decision about further therapeutic work with us, or signpost them to the next stage in their journey. 

Getting Risk Support 

We have a dedicated safeguarding lead, administrators and a head of service who ensure all information relating to risk is collated, recorded and monitored daily, in conjunction with our team of counsellors, to ensure that young people and their families feel supported and safe throughout their therapeutic journey. Where necessary we work collaboratively with outside agencies to ensure the most vulnerable young people are looked after and we provide 6 x 30 minute wellbeing crisis sessions and a 24/7 text support line for young people who are in need between counselling sessions.  

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